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  2. Business consultancy

    Every business is unique, but all businesses want to be successful. We believe this is your main objective, too.

    However, to be successful, having a good idea is not enough – you need a detailed business plan, a corporate strategy, the required employee competencies, and appropriate operational processes.

    Completion of these steps independently is a great challenge, and here we can help you and share our long-term expertise with you. We can take care of all the key issues connected with your business, including the following:
    • Daily consultancy
    • Business planning and strategy
    • Financial analysis
    • Market research and forecasts
    • Finance raising
    • Enhancement of products and services
    • Marketing, corporate image development
    • HR management, labour law and occupational safety
    • Procurement, sales and negotiations

    The list above is non-exhaustive. In the process of cooperation we will certainly take your specific needs into account.

    We monitor the business and legal environment on an ongoing basis and are therefore able not only to evaluate a company’s operations but also share our innovative insights to increase the competitiveness of your business. Our team, which boasts a multiannual experience in banking, business development, strategic business planning, project management, and innovation management, is here to help you.

    Our unique approach ensures prompt reaction to any contingency and, what is more important, enables us to foresee and prepare for possible crises.

    Let’s join our efforts and transform your business into an orchestra – a harmonious union of ideas, capital and people.



    We are well aware of the importance of the first steps for a company and of the belief in good ideas and we therefore uphold your promising business visions.

    We want to contribute to the birth and growth of new business ideas in Lithuania and encourage business acceleration to help growing and new businesses to find appropriate ways to implement their ideas.

    We will find the most suitable financing, business administration, financial, legal, HR and technical solutions for young businesses and take care of the following:
    • Investments in your business
    • Drafting of incorporation documents
    • Accounting
    • Development of a financial plan
    • KPI forecasts
    • Identification of ways to monetise your ideas
    • Team building
    • Implementation of young business’s goals
    • Formation of an advisory council
    • Assistance in system development
    • Search of the optimal access to consumers and channel development
    • Measurement and analysis of statistical parameters

    By helping you to grow, we contribute to the development of the entire sector and also improve the country’s potential. This is the social mission of Orchestra.



    We understand the importance of investment both in business and management of private capital and therefore recommend our investment fund. The Orchestra team is looking for the most promising companies able to guarantee the maximum return on investment within the set time period. You will not only use your capital efficiently but will also promote the improvement of the business environment in Lithuania.

    We invest in startups because we want to contribute to revolutionary innovations and implementation of technology that transforms people’s lives; we also want to be part of successful business ideas.

    We choose startups responsibly and hope that the time and funds invested will be appreciated and used to the maximum in the pursuit of our common goal – the success of the startups. We allocate our best human and financial resources to achieve this goal.



    The EU financial support for Lithuania in 2014–2020 amounts to nearly EUR 13 billion. These funds are allocated to a variety of fields and activities and significantly contribute to the growth of Lithuania’s economy as a whole and to the improvement of the country’s business environment and provide companies with unique opportunities to invest in their operations and improve their competitiveness.

    Development and implementation of a project eligible for EU support is a great challenge requiring appropriate competences and expertise. We want to share our multiannual experience in business development, strategic business planning, and project management and offer your organisation a wide selection of services, including:
    • Consultancy on the opportunities offered by EU structural funds programmes;
    • Drafting of applications, business plans, investment projects, and feasibility studies;
    • Organisation of public procurement tenders;
    • Project administration and management;
    • Organisation of publicity and information dissemination campaigns in compliance with EU funds requirements.

    We know how the support from EU funds can be availed of: we analyse your project ideas, propose specific funds that can become sources of financing, and represent you in the process of document drafting, application and report preparation and organisation of project implementation.

    Orchestra is proud of having completed a variety of EU projects and contributed to the creation of a sustainable economy of the country.

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