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    Every instrument, like every individual, has its own unique, distinct timbre. Every instrument in an orchestra also has its own sound and starts playing at the appropriate time for a piece of music to be harmonious. All orchestras sound different, and even a piece of music played by the same orchestra can sound differently because every performance is an improvisation. Orchestra wants the collaboration with partners to be harmonious and well-tuned from the first to the last note.
    The vast experience and numerous tools of our company can certainly contribute to business acceleration at any stage of operation of a client’s company. Investments are made in businesses operating in a variety of sectors, with priority given to rapidly growing, promising projects requiring additional investment. Orchestra is a team of experienced professionals whose main aim is to assist entrepreneurs in finding their way to successfully implement their innovative ideas. The expertise of the team is supplemented by a wide network of Lithuanian and foreign partners: we collaborate with Lithuanian educational institutions and US accelerators. Orchestra is here to ensure that your business ideas are heard and that the sound is audible in Lithuania and beyond.

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